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Hey, I am Huli from Taiwan. I was a Front-end engineer before, and now a Security Engineer interested in web.

I love coding, teaching and writing blog posts, and I believe sharing can make the world a better place. I also play CTF sometimes with Water Paddler.

Three different versions of RSS feed are provided, you can find the link below:

  1. English only: https://blog.huli.tw/atom-en.xml
  2. Chinese only: https://blog.huli.tw/atom-ch.xml
  3. Both: https://blog.huli.tw/atom.xml


Most of the articles are in Chinese, but starting from June 2023, I began using chatGPT to automatically translate articles from Chinese to English. You will see the words “translated by chatGPT” at the top of the articles.

Please note that the automatic translation feature is still being adjusted, and most articles have not been manually reviewed.