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Moving from GitHub Issues back to Hexo

About a year ago, I directly put my blog on GitHub Issues. Although few people in Taiwan do this, many Chinese developers use this method to build their blogs.

The reason why I chose GitHub Issues at that time was simple: convenience.

  1. GitHub Issues perfectly supports Markdown syntax.
  2. Uploading images is super easy.
  3. When someone mentions your article using Issues, a reference will be automatically generated.
  4. The comment system is super convenient.
  5. You can use emojis.
  6. You can watch the GitHub repo to receive notifications when it is updated.

In summary, I chose GitHub Issues at that time.

However, I recently discovered a big problem that I didn’t pay attention to at the beginning, which is that the SEO of GitHub Issues is extremely poor. Even if you directly search for the title of an issue on Google, you may not be able to find it.

Because this problem is quite serious, I finally moved back to Hexo.

Actually, two years ago, I had already moved my blog once, from Logdown to Hexo. But at that time, I didn’t continue to use Hexo because I thought the layout of that blog was not very good-looking.

And this time, the reason why I moved back was largely because I saw Askie Lin‘s blog. When I saw it, I was amazed and thought, “Wow, this blog is also beautifully done!” Later, I found out that it was modified using the ready-made theme Minos, so I thought I could try to switch to this theme.

After a whole day of adjustments today, I fixed a lot of things myself and tried to make the layout look the way I wanted it to. I found it quite smooth. Maybe it’s because the original code was written well, and there were no major problems in fixing it. I only changed the font size and the display of categories and article lists, and didn’t do much else.

Unless there are any unexpected circumstances, I have decided to settle down here in the future, and use GitHub as a backup place for my articles.

Long live Hexo, long live Minos 🎉

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